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This is a massage that was created with the aim of providing visible changes in the body and is the union of techniques such as lymphatic drainage, contouring massage, cupping, acupressure points and myofascial release and uses both the hands and specific tools for each case. The technique focuses on differentiated movements, both strong and deep and subtle and superficial, correctly stimulating each part of the body, draining fluids, releasing toxins, reshaping the body, contributing to measurement and cellulite reduction.


Results may vary for each person. The method itself provides incredible results, but to get lasting results and make the most of the treatment, it's essential to have a balanced diet, exercise, drink plenty of water and have a healthy lifestyle.

Due to its strong and vigorous maneuvers, which reach deep layers of the skin as well as muscle structure, the method can be a little uncomfortable for some people. It all depends on how inflamed your body are, your pain tolerance, your level of cellulite and fat tissue. One thing is guaranteed, the discomfort is worth it, because in the end you will have an incredible feeling of well-being and lightness that is even difficult to explain, just experiencing to understand. ​ ​ 

What are the benefits of Sculpting?

Stimulates the lymphatic system;

Boosts the immune system;

Improve circulation;

Contours the body;

Speeds up metabolism;

Tightens & tones skin;

Detoxifies the body;

Smooths out bulges & lumps;

Fights water retention;

Improves digestion;

Relieves constipation and bloating;

Helps in weight loss processes;

Improves cellulite appearance;

Eliminates swelling.

What are the contraindications?

Cardiac insufficiency;

Varicose Veins;

Thrombosis and Thrombophlebitis;


Kidneys conditions;

Renal failure dependent on diuretics or dialysis,

High blood pressure;


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