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"I want to make you even more beautiful, but more than that I want to make you feel better and healthier inside and out.
That is my main goal!"

- Natalia Reic - 

Sobre mim
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I am Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro and living in England since 2019. I am a Massage and Beauty Therapist certified both in Brazil and the UK. Working in the field since 2014, I decided to specialize in lymphatic drainage as I felt myself the benefits of it both mentally and physically and just fell in love with the technique.  

Before doing what I do today, I used to work in the corporate world as an account manager, what led me to a mental and physical exhaustion and a personal breakthrough.

When I found myself in such a vulnerable state I decide to seek healing in holistic and massage therapies that I always had so much interest in and at the same time as an attempt to find myself I started doing some trainings in the field of energy healing and massage techniques and I realized that that was it. I could feel how amazing all these techniques are and how they can help us feel better, healthier and more beautiful inside and out, so I decided to go further and get fully trained in massage therapy and later on in beauty therapy as well. 

I am always studying and looking for new techniques to always improve myself and my treatments as a whole.

My main goal is to make you even more beautiful, but more than that I want to make you feel better and healthier and to be able to do that I use all my knowledge acquired from all the trainings, experience and intuitive side to deliver the best bespoke treatment and care to all of you. I want to help you be the best version of yourself that you can be.



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Home Visits

Surrey & Berkshire | SW & NW London | Bournemouth
Send a message to check availability,
travel fee and possible other areas.


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