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Relaxation Massage

Massagem Relaxante

Relaxing massage is a technique that improves blood circulation, increases the flow of nutrients, removes toxic substances from cells, relieves pain and promotes greater flexibility to the body. From a psychological point of view, it creates a feeling of well-being and happiness, being effective for stress relief, as it stimulates the production of relaxing hormones such as oxytocin - which reduces the feeling of stress and fear - and serotonin - which improves mood, sensitivity to pain and regulates body temperature. The increased production of these hormones is also helpful in treating problems such as anxiety and even depression. In addition, there are studies that indicate an increase in histamine levels - a substance that acts on immune responses - which favors the increase of immunity. It is applied by means of firm and smooth movements throughout the body, relieving tension and relaxing the muscles. Its application is made with the use of body creams or oils, and can also be associated with aromatherapy with the use of essential oils diluted in the cream or oil used.

What are the benefits of Relaxation Massage?

Eliminates toxins and metabolic waste;

Decreases insomnia;

Decreases anxiety;

Stress control;

Relief from muscle tension and pain;

Improves the elasticity of the skin and the immune system;

Headache relief;

Reduction of tiredness;

Decreases blood pressure in the case of hypertensive patients;

Increased muscle tone and skin hydration;

Slows aging.

What are the contraindications?

Fractures (before they are solidified);


Pregnant women in the first trimester; 

Recent burns;

Infectious fevers; 


Serious descaling;

Thrombosis and open wounds.

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