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Reiki is a technique of Japanese origin that is the result of the fusion of the Vital and Primordial Energy of the Universe (REI), with our personal vital energy (KI) = REIKI. Reiki is a therapeutic practice of energetic alignment, without any religious ties and recognized by O.M.S. The Reiki energy is channeled by the Reikian and applied through the laying on of hands and acts on living beings in a holistic way, that is, integrally and simultaneously at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, where it promotes the replacement of vital energy, being distributed intelligently according to each one's needs. Reiki harmonizes, revitalizes, raises the vibrational pattern transmuting the negative energies of living beings and environments, expands our consciousness and develops our skills and gifts. Reiki interacts and acts in our body, treating and harmonizing in an integral and simultaneous way, all levels in imbalance, as already mentioned above.

  • Physical Level - It works by alleviating diseases and ills of the physical body, relieving pain, discomfort and discomfort. It can be associated with other treatments without interference.

  • Emotional Level - Acts by treating disorders of emotional origin, balancing emotions and feelings, conscious and unconscious.

  • Mental Level - Acts by treating mental illnesses, mitigating their effects and causes.

  • Spiritual Level - It works by neutralizing spiritual disturbances, purging negative and intrusive energies and influences.

It was Dr. Mikao Usui who rediscovered the Reiki technique. In short, he was a Buddhist monk who dedicated his life to the study of alternative techniques and cures and at one point in his life, he went to Mount Kurama for a 21-day retreat, fasting and meditating. At the end of this period, he suddenly felt the great energy of Reiki on the top of his head, which led him to the Reiki healing system.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

Considerably reduces and relieves stress, causing a deep feeling of peace, relaxation, comfort and tranquility in the body;


Purge and transmute negative and intrusive energies;


Helps in curing diseases such as cancer, reducing the side and harmful effects of chemotherapy;


Helps in quick and complete recovery from various injuries;


Cleans, clarifies and orders our energy field, aligning the chakras and improving the flow and distribution of energy throughout the body;


It improves our blood circulation, even managing to cure minor hemorrhages;


It acts in the detoxification of organs important to the proper functioning of the human body, such as kidneys, liver, bladder and intestines;


It can be channeled and directed towards the purification of environments, removing bad energies through Reiki symbols;

It can be used on babies, children, teenagers, adults, the elderly, pets, on plants, in the water you drink, in short, wherever and whenever you need and for the most diverse needs;


Contributes to a greater emotional balance;


Contributes to increased creativity;


Increased calm, tranquility and serenity;


Expands awareness and self-awareness Increased self-control;


Decreased impulsivity;


Strengthening of the immune system;


Decreased symptoms of depression, panic syndrome and anxiety disorders;


The list of benefits that Reiki provides us is very long, these were some examples, but the truth is that Reiki can only benefit us and add positively to our lives.

Who can be treated with Reiki?

Anyone, of any age, animals and plants.

What are the contraindications to Reiki?

During surgery. It must be done before or after, never during;




Fractures, only after medical care and immobilization if applicable;


People with pacemakers, hearing aids or any other electronic object on the body, Reiki should not be applied directly in these places.

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