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The Quantum Star Table is a tool that uses physics  quantum,

psionics, dowsing and radionics, that is, it is based on  set of these

sciences with spirituality, emitting energies of  healing, harmonizing

transmutation that contributes to the re-establishment of health.

of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual,  energy of the person.  

The Bureau works with the direct support of the Ashtar Command,  Command

Santa Esmeralda and Archangel Michael, thus formed from  beings of a lot

light, lots of love,  and that will guide the entire process  held in


The Bureau will act by adjusting issues that are independent of the will  conscious of the person, freeing him from spiritual issues, beliefs, imbalances  emotional that interfere in the affective, professional, family and also situations related to health, when the person has already somatized in the physical diseases that  we call them psychosomatic. It also works in  cases that we call hereditary curses, where all generations go  dealing with those kinds of illnesses, cancers or patterns of addictions and tragedies  that are repeated. To free a person from these patterns, we need to harmonize  the "system" and the Bureau will act very successfully by adjusting  the “systemic dynamics” of the person's soul and its ancestry.


What can be dealt with with MQE?

Affective problems;
Health problems;
Financial problems;
Professional problems;
Business problems;
Problems with harmful/external energies (dead or alive obsessors, spells, spells, big eye, envy)
Imbalances in the chakras;
Space cleaning, bringing harmony back to the home or workplace;
Cutting karmic bonds, breaking negative contracts and reducing karmic debt;
DNA reprogramming;
Removal of patterns of fear, guilt and shame;
Health, peace and harmony;
Increased self-esteem and self-confidence;
Depression, Panic Syndrome, Anxiety Disorders.

Who can be treated with MQE?

Anyone, of any age;



Court lawsuits;

Family Egregore;


Disincarnated Persons (minimum 7 days and 2 years maximum).

How is it  performed the service with the  MQE?

It can be done in person;

From a distance by skype or WhatsApp;

Offline distance.

In the distance modalities, we open and read the table with the following data of the person: full name, date of birth and address. It can be done simultaneously with the client or at the end of the reading we send an audio or written report of everything  that came out on the table and its recommendations.

It is important to emphasize that there is no difference in the forms of care in terms of effectiveness or accuracy. The connection made between the table operator, the customer and the table support controls is the same regardless of whether the customer is in front of the operator or on the other side of the world, as the connection is made through the  energy.

Quantum Star Table

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