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Wooden Therapy

Wooden Therapy is a massage technique performed with some tools made of wood, which aims to assist in reducing measures, improving the aspect of cellulite, stimulation of peristalsis, helps in detoxification, promotes physical and mental relaxation, among others. The technique itself is originally from Colombia, but oriental ancients already used wooden utensils to assist in therapeutic treatments. They inspired the  creation of wooden massage. It is very important to emphasize that the results are not only aesthetic: with a good circulation the energy flows better, the person is free of that feeling of swelling, thus ensuring greater well-being and relaxation, in addition to improving the immune function, contributes to the production of endorphins and helps  in the detoxification of the body. Wooden massage is a very recognized and beloved  technique in Europe! It is mandatory in SPAs and aesthetic clinics there. We use the technique for both the body and the face and the results can be seen in the first session!



What are the benefits of Wooden Therapy?




Combats fine lines and wrinkles;

Defines the facial contour;

Stimulates collagen production;

Contributes to facial drainage.




Reduces measures;

Shapes the body;

Combats sagging and cellulite;

Activates circulation;

Stimulates lymphatic system;

Activates the immune system;

Detoxifies the body;

Promotes general well-being;

Body relaxation;

Eliminates swelling.


What are the contraindications?


Acute infections;

Systemic edema of cardiac origin;


Thrombosis and Thrombophlebitis;

Injured skins;

On bruises or large-caliber vessels;

Decompensated diabetes;

On pregnant we avoid the abdomen;

Diagnosed cancer.

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