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Much is said about how  the belief system dominates our life so  

positive or negative. By the type of life a person leads, we can already see

whether she has positive or negative beliefs, abundance or scarcity, health

or from illness.

When we know that  we are an electromagnetic field that

emanates and attracts exactly what we have in us  (our beliefs, truths,

judgments and conclusions), we can immediately change them from negative to

positive and this is entirely possible, as our electromagnetic field is flexible.

In other words, yes, we can clean up everything that slows us down and reprogram our life from

so that it will be lighter and easier. According to research,  at least 90% of human behavior is driven by our unconscious.

Knowing this, it is necessary to look for some  tool  efficient that  assist in destroying these limiting beliefs and blockages  generated throughout our life. The good news is that the  Access® Bars have done this splendidly and  fast!

Access Bars

What are Access Bars?


Access® Bars  is a quantum process, unprecedented in Brazil, made from soft touches in  32 energy points around the head that store all the electromagnetic current from the neural synapses that create the behavioral patterns and programmed reactions.

Each point has records of thousands of limiting information  which, in turn, impede the normal and facilitated functioning that any process in life should have.

When a therapist activates the bars, the release of these records begins, helping us to see beyond the patterns we've used and the problems we've been through so far.

It's as if we “delete” the heavy files.

This procedure allows for more space available to receive new information and create something completely new.

The therapy of  Bars®  has acted significantly and helped thousands of people in cases of anxiety, depression, weight loss, pain and physical limitations, toc, autism, scarcity, compulsions and in the ability to leave habits, contributing to a new vision of life in general and broad.

At worst, you'll feel like you've received the best massage of your life. At best your whole life can change into something bigger with complete ease. This technique expands the process of accessing consciousness, which allows those who receive and those who apply the infinite possibility of living in the essence, with much more lightness, joy and glory!

This is a quantum therapy that has been proven to be effective by neuroscience.

At first, many may not believe it, as it seems and is very easy. However, to analyze the technique, an experiment was recently carried out with the renowned neuroscientist  Phd Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin, where we observe the practical effect of  Access® bars.

And the results were "positively astounding" as the neuroscientist who carried out the experiment commented.

Some brains were mapped with an electroencephalogram, before, during and after a session of  Access® bars. Helmets with 19 electrodes for measuring brain activity were put on and they showed behaviors never seen before!

In the scan images, in the first three lines we see a normal brain mapping before the tool is applied, where the red dot is identified as PZ and is showing approximately three standard deviations.

Brain activity before bars:

Brain activity  during application of the bars:  



Red dots show a much more active brain. After applying Access® Bars, one can notice the acquired low frequency of 2.7 Hz, the so-called Delta waves (indicated by the green color), having access to the unconscious, where most of our beliefs reside, governing the good part of our evolution in life.

The treatment  with  the Access Bars is suitable for:

  • Reduce Stress and physical, mental and emotional exhaustion;

  • Clear the mind and bring more focus and concentration;

  • Depression;

  • Anxiety Disorders;

  • Insomnia;

  • Frustration;

  • Traumas; 

  • Grief;

  • Release negative and limiting beliefs that generate blocks and stagnation in life;

  • Self-esteem and self-worth issues;

  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD);

  • Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity (ADHD);

  • Release negative beliefs about money and prosperity;

  • Release patterns of awareness and behavior that keep you from having the success you want;

  • Treatment is also indicated before tests and exams.

What are the benefits of treatment with  the Access Bars?

  • Provides deep relaxation;

  • Restores inner harmony and balance;

  • Calms the mind and thoughts, brings more mental clarity to problem solving;

  • It rescues the joy of living, courage and motivation;

  • Increases your creative ability, ideas and insights;

  • Brings more energy into the body;

  • Increases vitality;

  • Decreases physical tensions;

  • It can be applied during pregnancy, helps to release emotional and hormonal changes and have a calmer pregnancy  ;

  • Indicated sessions after surgical procedures, speed up the recovery process and reduce pain;

  • Reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety;

  • ​ Easier to deal with all aspects of your life;

  • Calms the overly active mind (always thinking);

  • Increases concentration;

  • Reduces blockages caused by accumulation of anger, frustration and exhaustion;

  • It improves relationships by allowing acceptance by ourselves and others;

  • Less irritation with situations and people we don't understand;

  • Beneficial for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD);

  • Increased feelings of joy, fun, confidence and well-being in everyday life;

Below is a video  with Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin talking about the Bars, as well as the founder and co-founder of Access Bars: Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer respectively.

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